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also @vyr dragged me out clothes shopping for her brother's wedding this weekend and while H&M and everything was a disaster, we went to torrid and instantly found two cute dresses that fit perfectly :3

IMPOSIBLE: This woman picked up a pair of tongs without clicking them!

i am generally sympathetic to postmodernism but everything I read about Lacan and his use of topology as an explanatory tool for mental illness drives me up a fucking wall

politics, lewd, intensely bad 

let’s say, you’re a democrat. let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve been a naughty democrat even. ok, and if you were a naughty democrat you would also be my dirty little right winger right? then hypothetically speaking you would be my little libshit. now let’s say that you’re also a neolib shitheel

now that we’ve established you’re both a right winger and a neolib shitheel, then i believe you’d agree with me when i say that you deserve a spanking. am i not correct? a bad democrat deserves a spanking and as i am enlightened by my own intellect, and you are my bad democrat, so i am the one who must provide punishment.

given that jesus was born to a virgin, we are forced to conclude that jesus was a sharkgirl

in all the memeing about sigma males I forgot this is a shit that people genuinely believe

sub-rosa, my patreon e-mail to rss feed generator, is finally at 1.0.0!

i've been poking at this thing for a while and i'm glad to finally have *something* out

sub-rosa, my patreon e-mail to rss feed generator, is finally at 1.0.0!

i've been poking at this thing for a while and i'm glad to finally have *something* out

anyways, this was all part of the research for my halloween profile bit, which is that i'm going as video games for halloween. with the help of the lovely @!

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on the one hand yeah yeah not everything needs to be HTTP

on the other hand the alternative is grpc and the fact that that's non-self-descriptive is really annoying

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if I want to write a server that will be really easy for people to write clients against, do I want to use openapi?

PNMC swords (pronounced "pin-mick") are sometimes called lightsabers for the obvious reason. this doll doesn't do that. she's not a fan of most pre-baozha media. treats robots terribly.

hers is named Durandal.

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it shows her its weapon. or, well, the hilt of one. intricate, inlaid with the same symbol that adorns the doll's uniform. but--

"where's the, you know, sword?"

it points the hilt up. "cut, o blade of void." there's a rush of air, and three feet of what appears to be metal spring into existence. but the reflection is *perfect*, and light bends around the edges like a black hole.

it picks up a stone that was on the ledge. "watch." in one motion, with one hand, she passes the blade through it left to right there is a quiet hiss, a faint click. nothing happens. the stone is whole.

until it gently nudges the top half of the stone with a finger, and it slides clean off the bottom half. the surface of the cut is geometrically precise. she runs her hand over it, and can't feel any roughness.

"impressive. but do you really have to say that every time you turn it on?"

the nothing-blade flickers to nothing. "no, it's a cryptographic handshake keyed to my ID module. i just like being showy. especially to impress girls."

"well, it worked."

they grin at each other.

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