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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

i love this avatar so much tbh

i keep seeing it and going 'me! it's me!'

wild last boss appeared spoilers 

i'm honestly never going to get over the fact that the author managed to capture a doll aesthetic so utterly near and dear to my heart without even trying

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wild last boss appeared spoilers 

still thinking about this.

“Libra, I’m no longer your master. Therefore, this is a request that I’m asking you to consider out of your own volition. Assist Aries and the others. They look like they’re having a hard time.”

“I don’t need a request. Just say the word and give me an order. My master is you, Ruphas-sama.”

“Is that so? …Then, this is my order. Tyrannical Twelve Heavenly Stars, Libra of the Scales. Defeat my enemies!”

“Yes, my master!”

Upon hearing the order, Libra flew into the sky. Ruphas no longer had command over Libra. The authority to command was in the hands of the Goddess. But that was irrelevant now. The tool had chosen its user, just as a user could choose which tool to use. Her master was Ruphas. There could be nobody else. This was decided by Libra herself.

is takt op a good anime? not sure.

is Destiny the single most ashcore character I've ever seen? absolutely yes.

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love it when one of my PRs sits for 10 days with zero comments

The book of genesis is about god making up a guy to get mad at

*resets the "days since I found a bug we didn't catch earlier because our tests mock stuff way too much" counter*

also it made me really wanna get Vulcan

shame she's basically impossible to get

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tbh i may give org-mode another shot at some point as opposed to obsidian, but i don't think writing a converter would be that hard. which is the nice thing.

QNX 4's process info command is "sin", QNX 6's is "pidin". "sin" got ported to QNX 6 so I can show you all the awful easter eggs at once!

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