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i will never understand why the granblue community decided to use 'max limit break', 'ultimate limit break', and 'final limit break' instead of just saying the uncap count directly

the "yo you wanna learn an infinite" video but it's about wobbling

alternate universe where instead of like O7 we call it OS3 or O2.3 or something

I'm definitely glad they dropped the "players that fall off are unrevivable" though lmao

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also more general stuff like "drop 10 AoEs, stand in the last, then move into the first"

I think titan was the first fight to do that but Shiva icicles are definitely the more "modern" design

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one of my favorite things about playing FFXIV is seeing boss fight design reuse mechanics and markers. stack markers, spread markers, towers, line aoes, narrow cones that point at everybody (sluice or whatever A3 calls it), tankbusters that need two tanks...

hypnokink trashpost 

who called it an induction written by a person who does hypnosis for a living and not pro-drop language

imagine being a minion before the global supply chain and fruit management meant you could get bananas anywhere in the world at any time of year. miserable.

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the minions in the minions movie canonically are attracted to serving the most evil person they can find

so like imagine you think you're just some ordinary dude, maybe a little misanthropic but nothing unusual, and suddenly this fucking yellow weirdo shows up outside your apartment

i gotta go do real life stuff today but i hadnt really posted an update in a couple days and i wanted to show off the progress since then i completed the rewrite i talked about upthread and many tweaks


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