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thinking about warframes again

love those cute gay hyperpowerful beepboops

The virgin person who doesn't consider themselves as having had sex vs the Chad person named Chad


the absolute funniest thing I saw on Reddit was when someone insinuated someone else had a small dick

and he replied "this big enough for you" posted a picture

it was, in fact, an above average dick

honestly I think the theme for the last story dungeon in endwalker is one of my favorite pieces of music in the game

Anything For Love is a good song

especially because the thing the guy says he'd never do is cheat or treat it like a short thing, he's in it for the long haul

Absurdle 6/∞



the most absurd accusation against Snowden is that he should have gone through "the proper channels" instead of telling the press

like, what, do you think the director of the NSA would go "oh shit, I didn't realize we had built a massive surveillance apparatus, my bad"

whenever i see a character in anime that's just always waiting on a haughty girl hand and foot i'm just like "oh, an ash"

i wonder if wordle is always solvable or if there are some cases where it just comes down to trial and error and you need more tries than you can get


didn't think it would have 'morae' in the dictionary tbh

ugh now i'm thinking about Teeth and Claws, that one touhou fanfic i *really* liked

you've heard of "drone that calls you a bitch and steals your Pepsi", now try "doll that calls you a squishy and steals your tea"

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