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@hierarchon @irisjaycomics it's sort of like "he's not a genius but rather an unthinking lout's idea of a genius" applied to what made the original take on a video game concept great

one of the other weird things about obsidian vs emacs is that, even though they both have the same culture of expanding and customizing them, since emacs's target audience is developers and the customization language is the same as the scripting language, people tend to be *way* more familiar with how coding works

i like that about it tbh

a thing that's interesting to me about using something like obsidian as a journal is that, if i modify the template for a daily note or something, it doesn't go through and 'rerender' the other days, only stuff going forward. i'm not sure what i think of that

doll moment

(the magnitude of the doll multiplied by the doll's displacement vector)

@hierarchon Doom Eternal was so far up its own ass about Being Doom while often missing the point about what is fun about playing Doom, imo

people using "code" as a count noun to mean "piece of code" (like "here's a code to make a button spin when you click it" as opposed to "here's some code to make a button spin when you click it") annoys me more than it should

i like doom 2016 more than doom eternal because eternal feels like it tries too hard, in some sense

(Narrator Voice) Stanley, have you heard of this internet comic book called "Home Stuck". It apparently parallels our explorations the nature of choice, while also involving being stuck in a place! How exciting, Stanley. We should give it a read!

"c is how the hardware works" and "c is basically just portable assembler" have got to be two of the most damaging untruths regularly spoken in low level programming

so if celeste is super meat boy but cute and trans, who's going to make binding of isaac but cute and trans

decided to make a little document of all the nice things people have said about me

(this isn't a request for praise, it's mostly *unprompted* stuff)

@millenomi: "director, i'm not sure what to do here; all i see is the words 'sakuga time'"

and there's debian/postgres/elasticsearch upgraded

hopefully i didn't just break everything forever


me: […] but who'd have thought Jesus would come back as a sharkgirl

me: power move

ash: big titty sharkgirl who's tired of getting nailed and wants to do the nailing herself

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