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also if you pass it something that isn't a literal it falls through to the `never` case even if it's like `div.${foo()}` where it's guaranteed to match one of the other arms, so i think i need a fallback for cases like that

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neither prettier nor my tree-sitter formatting library like this lmao

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the other day I was at Walgreens and some older woman told (I assume) her husband "no, the line starts here, we're behind this lady" and pointed at me



time to see if I remember how to write HTML UIs without react

i always feel bad killing flies and cockroaches and stuff :(

sorry lil bugs

the windows here have blinds where you just push them up or pull them down and they stay in place

it's so weird

lycoris recoil 

so her heart is fully artificial and provided by the alan institute

and it's obvious that the alan institute is going to be the bad guys

oh no :(


*plugging my vape battery into a usb charger* time to download some weed

moving suuuucks

but all the boxes are in the new place \o/

and I think that's it: in D2 it's like "better farm this weapon, it can be really useful!"

FFXIV is like "do you like the way this looks? do you want a gay little reindeer suit?"

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ffxiv seems much more sedately paced; I can skip the game for four months and all I'll have permanently missed is any holiday content (which is purely cosmetic)

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i burned out on D2 again u_u i think it just pushes too much on my "missable stuff" button

autocorrect gave me "kissable stuff" which is also true

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