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also wow i forgot about the casual transphobia in the movie when i watched it like a decade ago huh

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When cats carcinize, it will happen at first through boxes. A cat knows that boxes are safe, protective. Someday a cat will figure out how to carry a box on its back and be safe wherever it goes. That will be the start of hermit cats.

we're watching Now You See Me and the lead is the same guy who played zuckerberg in The Social Network

yes, i know about pip-compile and pipenv and poetry

first: why the fuck are there *three tools* for this

second: every single one of them is garbage in its own special way

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idk if/when i'm going to change jobs but from now on i refuse to work with any more python codebases

also if you pass it something that isn't a literal it falls through to the `never` case even if it's like `div.${foo()}` where it's guaranteed to match one of the other arms, so i think i need a fallback for cases like that

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neither prettier nor my tree-sitter formatting library like this lmao

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the other day I was at Walgreens and some older woman told (I assume) her husband "no, the line starts here, we're behind this lady" and pointed at me



time to see if I remember how to write HTML UIs without react

i always feel bad killing flies and cockroaches and stuff :(

sorry lil bugs

the windows here have blinds where you just push them up or pull them down and they stay in place

it's so weird

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