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me whenever i see some kind of eldritch abomination: "omg it's @millenomi"

"Relics are combined with Segmented Ribcages from Port Cecil to make Spider-Popes, who also get sold on the Bone Market"

I love you, Fallen London

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my dude, not being able to take no for an answer the first time is the last thing I would want in a collaborator on a deeply personal project

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oh no someone asked if they could help dev on the game and i'm really having to tell him "no, seriously, i'm not accepting other contributors at this time"

i've been parsing again in ffxiv using ACT and it's a reminder that a lot of people are bad at video games

something went wrong in this computation! no, you don't get to know what :)

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nerves. especially since this is a game that basically lives or dies entirely on balance

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talking through it: my big worry is getting enough balance feedback that I can actually address the changes. I don't want to get into a state where i only make the balance actually good after everybody who will play it has played it

I think if/when I add new major content updates that should be enough to get people to go pick it up again, I should just make sure that everything is balanced more before I do that


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talking about porn and twitter, correcting the misinfo going around 

there's a Thing going around about how twitter has supposedly changed their terms of service, citing a section reading "accounts dedicated to posting sensitive media – your account may be permanently suspended if the majority of your activity on Twitter is sharing sensitive media" as evidence that they're going to start banning porn

*this is not new*. this has been here since at least january 1, 2020, as shown on (ctrl-f "accounts dedicated to"). there is, as far as i can tell, nothing twitter has or has not done to indicate that their (incredibly nebulous!) stance here has changed.

like fuck social media and the way it treats porn but people saying that they're pulling a tumblr are misinformed

now i need a project that's

- in rust
- not a game so i can evaluate it more on technical merits lmao

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