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basically I think the mobile permissions model is the right way to build a desktop OS and I want flatpak/snap/whatever to be more widespread

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i think one of the biggest things that annoys me about Linux is that there's no real widely-supported way to say "*this* application is allowed to do this thing" because there's no stable notion of application identity, unlike in windows/macOS land where you can sign an application or whatever

Hey check out this sick new water cooling solution for my USB drive

the more serialization code I write in non-rust languages the more I miss rust's serde

i found the itemized bill from my hospital stay

they charged me more for a single bupropion pill than an entire month's supply costs without insurance

anyway Visual Prison is an anime about visual kei idol vampires and it's *intensely* flamboyant

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if I had a nickel for every anime with a bunch of undead musicians as the main characters, I'd have two nickels

which isn't a lot, but it's weird that there are two of them

takt op destiny ep2 

cosette is really cute as a human though :3

also yeah we're getting no surprises at all with the plot here

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anyway time for episode 2 of takt op. Destiny, aka "who the fuck gave them permission to put an ash in this anime"

currently trying to prove to system76 support that my laptop did in fact have coil whine by sending them a spectrogram of a recording of it i took

Chalk is composed of the skeletons of countless microbes, long-dead, even their seas are now dead.
When chalk squeals on a blackboard it is the impotent scream of countless dying wraiths as their reliquaries are annihilated

brain: the ULEZ expansion may have some environmental benefit but will disproportionately impact poorer workers forced into their cars by expensive, unreliable public transport, and will do nothing to disincentivise wealthy drivers from polluting our streets

mouth: ha ha u lez

"sorry, we'll only recognize you as a person equal under the law if you die"

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